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Socks Solvej & Sigurd

Socks Solvej & Sigurd

[[!LANG]]:EN Small,soft, warm and comfortable socks that stays well on the feet thanks to the fixing lace. Hand knitted. 100% alpaca wool.
Color: Dark blue  [[!LANG]]:CH Weiche Socken, warm und komfortabel. Handgestrickt, 100% Alpakawolle.
Farbe: Dunkelblau[[!LANG]]:FR Petits chaussons doux, chauds et confortables. Tricoté main. 100% laine d'alpaga.
Couleur: Bleu foncé

[[!TITLE]][[!LANG]]:EN Socks Solvej & Sigurd [[!LANG]]:CH Socken Solvej & Sigurd [[!LANG]]:FR Chaussons Solvej & Sigurd
39 CHF